Thursday, December 31, 2009

Interesting journalism

Per the Idaho Statesman this morning:

Three cyclists died on Boise streets this spring, yet the death of Kevin Pavlis may have touched the bicycling community closest to home.

Pavlis was a cycling enthusiast and recreation store manager, well-known long before his June 11 death. Pavlis died after an accident along Hill Road - a popular training route with inclines and hazards that are all too familiar to local cyclists.

Nearly seven months later, we don't know much more about Pavlis' death - because a local judge has sealed a criminal case against a 16-year-old Boise driver.

We do know this: The boy faces a misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charge in connection with Pavlis' death and has appeared in court. We also know, according to Boise police reports, that Pavlis was riding legally along Hill Road when the accident occurred.

But we do not know whether the driver is fighting the charge against him. We also do not know when, or whether, 4th District Juvenile Judge William Harrigfeld will unseal the case.

Harrigfeld is within his rights. Juvenile cases generally become public record after an "admit/deny" hearing, when a defendant either admits guilt or launches a legal defense. However, a judge has the option to keep a case sealed.

Yes, this is a high-profile case. Sealing the file does protect a young defendant from adverse public attention. But this right to privacy has to be weighed against the public's right to know. The legal process should strive for transparency at every step - especially when a case has drawn and will draw close scrutiny.

Pavlis' death has become a focal point in an emotional local debate over cycling safety - an issue complicated by the often testy relationship between drivers and cyclists. In a widely circulated e-mail this fall, cycling enthusiasts went on the offensive before charges were even filed, second-guessing the Ada County prosecutor's office's handling of the case.

Now that charges have been filed, emotions will paint the way the community judges the final verdict. An acquittal or a reduced sentence will draw a chorus of told-you-so's from the cycling community. A maximum sentence could draw its own backlash, with suggestions that prosecutors and the court bowed to public pressure.

All of this may be unavoidable, but much of it can be mitigated through an open process.

A white "ghost bike" still stands near the scene of the June 11 accident - a memorial to Pavlis, and a reminder to cyclists and motorists who share space on Hill Road. And, sadly, the display is also oddly symbolic of the court-imposed silence surrounding this case.

Now we here at DBRB we encourage everyone to ride smart and safely when you are out there. Some of the comments on the website were scary - there are some seriously messed up views out there!

So if you are drinking beer and riding bikes tonight for the New Year celebrations - stay warm and remember it's safer to ride home drunk than it is to drive!!!! Happy New Year!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

I know everyone is starting off a crazy busy week - including myself. So I raise my tall malty beverage and wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance. I hope Santa leaves evereyone a brand new bike under the Christmas Tree .......

And for our Jewish friends I hope Hanukkah celebrations were wonderful!

See you all next week!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

came on

came home and kissed the shit outta my dog - he doesn't know any better :) and he smiles at me all the time!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

come on!

Don't you hate it when you come home and the dog has eaten two pairs of underwear, the trash and Christmas gifts! - then you set your pay check down in the kid's art project and don't realize it until the glue has dried.

And there is no beer in the fridge......... fuck me!

Friday, December 18, 2009

To change or not to change?

I'll admit it. I hate changing my own bike tire. Its not because I don't like to get dirty. Its not becuase I am wearing a dress. Its not becuase I don't know how. I just don't like it. Espeically when I can spend my valuable work hours blogging. Now, Captian Fran, I understand prefers to chainge her own while Velovixen and I both prefer taking it to one of our very-pleased-to-see-us local bike shops (or, in my case, persuade those who change tires to do so on site of my house, offering beer, enchiladas, whatever it will take).

But, a connundrum. I was feeling all tough riding through the last few weeks until the dreaded flat tire. Now, my sweet little Langster has lived in my office for three days while come fact to face with the quesiton: Is the real reason that I don't change my own tire actuall due to not liking to get my dress dirty and a lack of self confidence in my tire changing abilities? I have tubes (at home), but have not managed to bring them to work. Am I really not as (gasp) tough as I thought? Hmmmmm.

Monday, December 14, 2009

warm bodies....

Warmers - not just for the ballet kids or those stuck in the 80's. You can get them for either your arms or your legs - no bunching in the shants - and Real Cyslist has them on sale for Xmas! 15 bucks for the nice thick warm ones! Prices rise with the thread count just like sheets baby!

Good for the 26 degree days!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Donnie Macs

Donnie Mac's is a great stop on the way from Downtown to the West side, or North End to the Bench. With $1 PBR's during Happy hour you can't really go wrong.

They have a great variety of beverages available for all sorts of pallets!

They also have a really good menu - Corn dogs and fries for a few bucks, or Vixen's favorite jalapeno & bacon mac 'n' cheese! The nachos are alright - for 10 bucks you don't feel like you get ten bucks worth of chips and goo. But you can order a side of sweet tater fries.

The great thing is Donnie Macs is located along two major bike routes. Right on the corner of Grove and 15th! You can cruise safely to here from almost any hood!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Boise Happy Hour -

THE LOBBY - Monica and I ventured in a few weeks ago - It is freaking amazing! Monica had a dirty gin martini - I had a glass of wine. I really am not a martini fan - but I could have tossed her drink back in one gulp! YUMMY!

Check out Regotti's write up - a great post about the Lobby - and she did ride her bike there. And definitely check out the Lobby!

Friday, December 4, 2009


At 26 degrees - I puss out and drive. It is so freaking cold in the mornings that I just can't layer enough. I've tried! To those of you who brave the cold and pedal into your jobs, dates, shenanigans - I raise my beer to you! Naughty, Noble, Triton, Cockey, Manbaby, P77, Scuglia, - your balls are tougher than mine!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lazy Sundays

You gotta love lazy Sundays. Being able to read the paper, gorge on great brunch and sip a morning cocktail. Along those lines the Cap'n and I spent some time at the new Red Room Tavern recently - here's how it went.

First - I have to admit I was skeptical. I loved the Red Room Bar, its working class decor, cheap PBR's and Nintendo 64 complete with Duck Hunt. So when Pair announced they were turning the space into a martini bar and moving the Red Room concept into the Pair space I thought, "Great way to kill a good idea." But I've been wrong before - and was pleasantly surprised.

Kudos to the "Betty Ford Recovery" weekend Brunch menu! You can't go wrong with $6 bottomless mimosas and killer $4 spicy bloody marys.

Aptly named, the "Coronary" is biscuits and gravy, eggs, cheese sauce and topped with our favorite - bacon. We were introduced to this deliciousness during the Pair days and were so glad it stuck around. The sweet potato fries were also scrumptious with a special dipping sauce.

The great thing - you can have a lazy Sunday on a Saturday too - they serve brunch all weekend! And they have a late night happy hour complete with food menu to hopefully stave off the potential hangover.

And for those who still need the dungeon feel of bar life - check the basement, which is still sporting the Nintendo 64 - after 8 pm.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Have you ever noticed that when you get home from a wonderful vacation - you are twice as busy as when you left! Trying to play catch up has been exhausting for the Vixen and myself. So here is the rest of the New York beer tour, sorry it took a month or so.

After another long day of riding the Island, Vixen and I needed a beverage to cure our parched bodies! We stumbled into lansdowner - a bar that would be a mix of Pengilly's and a sports bar. Nice and dark with old school seating - But TVs everywhere with every type of sport on!

We were so excited when we got the beer menu! Local draft beers! The large Chelsea Checker cab Blonde was buy one get one for happy hour - so of course that's what we ordered!
The beer was crisp and sweet. The pale ale is made in the style of northern Germany Kolsch beer. The finest imported Noble Hops varieties & 10% Wheat malt gives this brew a dry finish with a complex and yet delicate hop flavor and aroma. It is very very drinkable! We decided after four of those each we should move on to one of our favorite bars in the city - RUDY'S

Rudy's is the Nurelux of NY. Without the smoking!! It is dark and dirty and you are warned by many not to eat the free hot dogs! But beer wise - same as the lux - cheap and plentiful! We consumed a nice pitcher of Rudy's Special - at the price of 10.00. Be
prepared for a standing room only or sharing a
booth with strangers! And they have one of the best jukeboxes!
After consuming mass carbs after the ride we decided to hit the deli and head to the apartment.

This is when we had the Brooklyn beer. Sorry MEA - I felt that it was a little too much like PBR Light. I think it was because we had so many rich flavorful beers earlier. In hindsight I would have liked to start with this one.

The next day - of course we ate and drank, that was the purpose of the trip! We grabbed breakfast and jumped onto the "R" train to head down to Chelsea. We walked all over that place! Through the markets and Ed Hardy shops, through the cupcake shops and more. Two hours of walking and I was about ready to fall over. Vixen suggested we stop in the next bar we see and rest for a little. Oddly enough the next bar we stumbled onto was THE Stonewall Inn.

We sat at the bar and the owner was serving up these big ass BASS! We sat with our Bass and he told us the history of the
bar. It's been owned by 3 people, he being the third. And the
last owner attempted to turn it into a hip hop club - which
lead to it shutting down for a few years. After our first beer I handed him my credit card to pay and he gave me a quizzical look - "It's buy one get one honey - don't you want your second one?" Holy Crap! We ended up spending a few hours at the bar and getting tanked for 16 bucks! I highly recommend the happy hour drinks - hehe.

This was only the beginning of our shenanigans for the night!

We transfered from our Hell's Kitchen apartment to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. WOW - this hotel is really nice and crazy expensive! DO NOT GO TO THE BAR THERE!
We got fancy and decided to have some exotic food for dinner. Sofritos Puerto Rican Restaurant! It was our last night together in the city - we were ready to spend a little extra for the eat and drinks. But we really didn't need to.

The menu was pretty reasonable and had pitchers of handmade Sangria for 40.00
We ended up sharing the pitcher with the ladies next to us. It was one lady's birthday. It turned our to be fantastic conversation and they gave us some new places to go to on our next visit.

Our buddy Zach text us and wanted us to meet him at this place called American Trash. Now by this time Vixen and I had been drinking for six hours. We were feeling really good! So why not go drink some more!!!
This bar is the Cactus of New York with small flare of Tom Grainy's. And this beer is the best thing since the beer can was invented!
This is how the beer advocate describes it - It had that deep thick black appearance that an Imperial Stout has, but this beer was relatively light and creamy, with minimal stick on the palate, and only some heat in the finished, which perhaps has mellowed with age. This beer was a very nice drink, it has that thick beauty to it, without the heavy follow through on the palate. I would describe it to someone as a more toasty, robustly dark chocolate Guinness; which is never a bad thing!

Which is exactly why we drank a 12 pack each.

Around 2 or 3 in the morning we stumbled from the cab to our room and passed out! Did I mention that Vixen had to be at work the next morning at 7? And i had a flight to catch! Needless to say our last night in the city was a blast and we both paid for it the next day! I found a lot of new beers that I wish were served here - but that gives me incentive to go back to the city to find more!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New York

So while we were in New York biking the entire city, we of course drank an enormous amount of beer!

Of course if you are on the East Coast you have standard beers to choose from - Sam Adams, Ying Ling and.... I'm sorry where is all the beer? There was plenty of Coors Light, Bud, and Genius. But no PBR and not a lot of craft beers?! We found ourselves missing the dark and chocolaty beers of the Northwest!

Our first real good find was a Delta restaurant. I know we're in NY and we decided to drink NOLA beer. But we passed the window and I spotted our favorite southern beer - ABITA.

This TURBODOG was probably so good because it was the first beer there I couldn't see through! It was nice and sweet with a lot of nut flavors swirling around. Not a heavy beer, but a nice English Brown Ale. It was served nice and cold in the bottle.

Did I happen to mention we hit this place on a Sunday morning? The breakfast was just as incredible! Lots of salt and butter!

This is the fantastic chicken fried stake that Vixen had. It was tender and served with butter boiled broccoli. I had the bacon sliders!

This was our first meal outside of the apartment. From that moment on we had a mission - of finding the best beer and food that New York could offer!

To be continued......

Monday, November 2, 2009

Now accepting entries:

Catching up to do

I know it has been a little while since we've actually blogged about beer and bikes. There has been a whirl wind of stuff going on at the 3D house, not to mention New York and Hell Racer.

So let's go backwards through the last few weeks.


At 10:45 yesterday morning the four horse women of DBRB rolled into Veteran's Park for the race. The Warlocks had Java to go for all of those that needed a little help with the early hours - very thoughtful. Also the Alley Cat stimulus package - 5 dollar entry fee and a real spoke card - a playing card with a number hand written on it! After pounding a few beers to warm up and having a late start for stragglers - we were divided by our card color and handed a manifest!

Yes, upon opening there were only a few stops! Sweet, a nice hard sprint ride. The Gaslight Lounge, A house on Fort, a house on Shoshone, Hyde park pub, O'Micheal's, and finish at the LIFT.

The four of us took off for the house on the bench first. A nice hill climb to find E77 handing out jello shots! And a slip of paper??? Oh an added stop at the cemetery - ok I'll adjust my route. hit the Morris Hill and roll down Americana to the house on Fort. Ah, a nice shot. I needed it, I was thirsty! Oh and another slip of paper..... I began to see the pattern. Crap. Alright I'll readjust my route to go out to Mt. Cove.

At every stop there was a new piece of paper. Almost every new piece of paper included a hill climb!!!! FREAKIN' A!!! The original route I planned was out the window by the time I hit my third stop. After going to Hyde park, The water tower by Camel's back, O'Micheal's, and the Bomb Shelter - I was just trying to survive!

I rolled into the Lift so ready for that beer - Chris and D-Bagg gave me a slip of paper - WHAT!
I told them I was done and fuck them. They told me I was a pussy and to get on my bike - which I did.

The second time I rolled into the Lift I was beyond ready for that beer. I didn't even care where I placed, I was done!

After many beers and hot wings, Chris finally asked if I was going to talk to him yet. Of course - so I bought him a shot because I was being a pain in the ass.

Although Vixen and I did not place - with the chain ring upgrade I did - I kept up with her and at one point passed her! I'm telling you - next season when I get my geared bike - ya'll are in some trouble!

Congrats to all those that did place - it was a hard ride and you kicked butt! Thanks Warlocks for a wicked time!

Pics to come soon!

Friday, October 30, 2009


The Warlocks always put on a good hard ride. Be prepared to put in some miles, but have a great time! See you there!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Riding in NYC

So today the Cap'n and I rented bikes from Metro Bicycles - from some super cool bike guys. Then we jumped in the saddle (a big gel number - not skinny like we're used to) and headed off to Coney Island.

We had the best time riding across the Brooklyn Bridge and Fran found this cool website that gave us a secret route around the traffic circles of death at Prospect Park. Then we headed down a cool bike path that ended at the Coney Island boardwalk. Sounds so easy . . . the 67 degree sunny weather made the 18 miles there breeze by.

Once on the boardwalk, we had a great time listening to music, eating a hot dog and having a well deserved beer. Then, the ride back.

We hit the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, what a beautiful site. And cruised back to the apartment in the dark, navigating traffic and amazing bike lanes.

We have decided we LOVE biking in NYC. And we have also decided we HATE gel seats - our asses hurt. But we'll get back on them tomorrow - with great new adventures. (PICTURES WHEN WE GET HOME)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boise Fry Co.

Venturing passed my hood I finally made my way over to the recently renamed Boise Fry Company. Local and original! They offer So many different types of fried potatoes! Purple, golden, sweet, you name it - they fry it! Not only that, they have an entire counter for a variety of dipping sauces. I had the sweet potatoes with blueberry ketchup - I was surprised how tasty the combination was. Not too sweet.
The secret to Boise Fry Co. is not the fries. It is the amazing burger they make. They claim burgers on the side, but I do protest! The burger is a nice regular sized patty on a home made potato bun served up with all the fixings. The burger is like butter - local free range beef seasoned with secret spices and served the proper - slightly pink. It is heaven in your mouth!
Now for the best part - they serve local beer, and I mean local brewed beer from our four breweries. I happened to have the Hallows Spoon Tongue while I was dinning. The Happy Hour is pretty sweet - Monday - Friday buy one get one free! Perfect place to take a friend for a drink!
And to top it off - BFCo. has a nice sized flat screen t.v. that you can watch the BSU games on!

Located in the East side hood - 111 N. Broadway it is super easy to get to -

From Downtown - You can take the greenbelt East to Broadway. Take a Left on Broadway and it is two blocks down. OR you can take Main street East all the way to Broadway and hang a left - but don't go too far it's right around the corner!

From the Eastside - Warmsprings bike lane all the way to Broadway! OR Greenbelt all the way up to Broadway - head North about two blocks!

Watch traffic on Broadway - it can be a little dangerous on the bicycle!

Friday, October 16, 2009


I wonder what seven warlocks are doing at the clubhouse? I know it isn't for the all you can eat spaghetti. And every time we came over to say hello, they stopped their conversation.
Race planning????? Are you all ready! And I think there may be a requirement to grow a beard - look at all of those?!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Front Door is unloading.....

Found this on - sounds right up our alley.....

The Front Door (105 s. 6th) needs to make some room in their coolers for the new batches of beers and wines. So we all get great deals! This Sunday 10/18 from noon until close - customers can purchase 25 different beers and wines at just over cost. They have some Full Sail Old Boardhead, Fish Old Woody, Urthel Samaranth Quad, Orval Trappist, Kasteel Rouge and Kulbacher Eisbock.

Should be a nice little deal. We recommend you ride down around noon - have some lunch and purchase as much as you can before it's gone. These brews are not to be consumed at the bar - nope, they are for your at home (or DBRB event) enjoyment. Please feel free to share!

The ride - From the West side I would recommend Irene all the way to 15th. (East)

Take a right on 15th headed toward town. Take a left on Fort. Head Down to 6th street make a right.

Papa Joe's

Ever since I've been 21 I've been frequenting Papa Joe's Italian restaurant. It's located at 1301 Capital Blv. right down the hill from the Depot, and right across the street from my shop! Half of my students at some point or another have worked there, and every soccer team I know celebrates there on Sunday nights (lots of single ladies that night!) Over the last 10 years the owners have been working to restore the old eclectic building. It includes great patio seating, a banquet room, a main eating area and a nice lounge area with couches and a big TV.
They have various bottled beer and they serve domestic and local beer on tap. Pictured here is the Fiegwild from the Hollow - 4 dollars a pint. Not cheap - For the non-beer drinkers they also have mudslides, margaritas and great mimosas. And if you just need a pick me up - there is a full coffee shop attached (cup of Joe's).
The food menu is enormous. From salads, pizza, sandwiches, and bar food. The nachos are definitely Italian - served with pepperoncini's, olives, and sliced tomatoes - baked in the pizza oven until crispy!

The ride there can be a little tricky depending on where you are coming from - I recommend the nice easy ride on the South Side of the greenbelt through Ann Morrison Park if you are coming from the West Side. If you are coming from Downtown - follow 8th street all the way until you cross the big wooden bridge. Then go under ninth street. Jump off the green belt at Lusk street - follow it all the way to University Drive - Papa Joe's is a half block east. There is less traffic this route and you can stop by BBP on your way there or back!

Hoppy Riding! The DBRB Crew

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DBRB Alley Cat - The Video

So it took us awhile, but here is the video. We have plenty more photos and video, but finally the Cap'n looked at me and said, "git 'er done." Here's what we've got.

Oh - and a couple of things: 1) Thanks to all the sponsors, stop workers and riders that came out to make this a successful ride - we can't wait to do it again! and 2) Watch the whole thing. Trust us, it's worth it.

If anyone knows how to fix the graininess of the video - please let me know (It looks great playing in my mac imovie).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hey, did you see this in the Statesman?! Way to go Kevin!

Ram brewmaster Kevin Bolen finally got to stand on the winner's stage at the Great American Beer Festival with a smile on his face - and a silver medal around his neck.

That medal was the second silver in three years at the GABF for the Clearwater Kolsch, and Bolen's fourth medal since 2000 in the United States' biggest and best beer competition. But it was the first time he actually got to be in Denver to get his award in person.

"It felt pretty good, I have to say," Bolen said. "You kind of sit and wait and hope they call your name. I thought we had a solid beer, but every judge is different."

I'm thrilled that Bolen was able to represent the Boise beer scene at the GABF, the coolest convention ever created. Of the 457 breweries from the U.S. pouring beer in the Denver Convention Center, only four were from Idaho - The Ram and TableRock from Boise, Laughing Dog from Ponderay, and Grand Teton Brewing from Victor.

Bolen's Clearwater Kolsch bested 41 other entries and finished just behind a special Kolsch made by the venerable Sierra Nevada Brewing just for the GABF.

"That's pretty good company. I really wanted to try it (at the Sierra booth), because they won a medal last year, but they weren't serving it," Bolen said. "I tried a bunch of other (Kolsches) on the floor, and I felt we had a pretty good chance."

Grand Teton walked away with a gold medal in the American Pale Ale style category with their Sweetgrass IPA. The Sweetgrass beat out 107 other pale ale entries to win gold, so congrats to brewmaster Rob Mullin and the Grand Teton crew.

I love going to the GABF. You get to drink the best beer created in the U.S. (there were over 2,100 different brews available to sample) - whatever you want, as much as you want, and there are always discoveries to savor.

You also get to imbibe with thousands of like-minded people, who are generally in good spirits. I've gone to the GABF four times now and while it can get rowdy, it's never been dangerous.

It's also a great place to spot trends and drink some incredibly tasty beer.

My personal favorite was the Espresso Oak-Aged Yeti Imperial Stout from the Denver-based Great Divide Brewing. It's hard for any beer to stand out at the GABF but the Yeti was so distinctive - all the coffee, chocolate, and oak flavors melded together perfectly with a roasty malt to create a smooth, incredibly tasty beer that didn't destroy my palate. Great name as well. Who wouldn't want to be a Yeti?

Regular readers know I am no fan of Coors, but I love the Peanut Butter Ale from Blue Moon. I don't understand why they don't sell it commercially. Company reps say they only make it for the GABF. It is so distinctive, with a mellow peanut butter taste melding so perfectly with the malt. It's like drinking a peanut butter sandwich and quenching your thirst at the same time.

I had several great imperial red beers, including the Pursuit of Hoppiness Red Ale from Grand Teton (which is being sold in the Boise area this fall) and the 547, created by San Diego-based Pizza Port for one of San Francisco's best beer bars, the Toronado.

Both featured that smooth, sweet, and broad malt presence you want in a good red beer with tons of hops to back it up - but not so many that they wipe out the palate.

One trend in great evidence at the GABF is that craft brewers are embracing aromatic hops as much as the bittering variety. This is good because too many bittering hops can just wipe out taste of a good beer. But when the aromatic hops are used correctly, it makes beer drinking a more three-dimensional experience.

For instance, the hop aroma of the 547 and Pursuit of Hoppiness just exploded out of the glass and enveloped the senses as it went down the gullet.

I keep waiting for someone to make a better IPA than Russian River's Pliny The Elder, but no one ever does. Of all the annoying long lines at the GABF (Dogfish Head, I am talking about you), the only one really worth waiting for is Russian River. Congrats to Russian River brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo for creating hop perfection with the Pliny.

A few final quick hits: I loved the Hop Goblin India Pale Lager created by the Il Vincino Brewing Co. from Albuquerque (the fresh hay quality of a good lager with an hop aroma and bitterness of an IPA) and the Black Cherry Stout from the Main Street Station Triple Seven Brewpub from Las Vegas, where a subtle cherry flavor blended well with dark roasty malt.

Kevin - next year call the DBRB Crew if you need any taste testers!!!


This is the prelude to the DBRB Alley cat video. Sing along kids......

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look what was just posted

The Warlocks just posted this......

(A Sunday Brunch in Hell)
Sunday November 1, 2009
Reg: 10:30 Race: 11 AM
More details to follow.

YES!!! We can still take the little one out Sat and do the race!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So one of my Super Seniors at BSU is Head of security at Tom Graineys downtown. He was outside of class talking about how Grainey's and Ted Challenger are working with Pair and the Reef to close down 6th street this weekend. It was interesting to listen to him explain how difficult the city was making it to maintain the event's security - You can purchase beer in the street with tokens ( similar to Brew Fest) BUT - you cannot take that beer onto any bar property or off off the street? Any brews purchased inside the bars will not be able to wonder away from said establishments.

Although he is going to be shitting square bricks all day Saturday trying to keep the peace with customers and BPD - -
We can all go down and enjoy the brews and entertainment - I'm sure by the end of the evening watching the BPD and Security will be Hella entertaining!

Here's the Details -

DATE: September 26, 2009

TIME 2pm until 10pm

LOCATION: On Sixth Street between Main & Grove, yes the street is closed.

Help Raise Money for the Boise Basin Ski Racing Alliance

All Ages Welcome Don't miss the authentic German beer & food.

MUSIC FEATURED: Wolfie & The Bavarians, Marmalade Hill & Blues Brothers

Get the First Edition OLD BOISE OCTOBERFEST COLLECTOR'S MUG, drink tickets, and entrance to the adjacent night clubs for $20.00 or get a wristband with proper id (wristband is free)

I Suggest locking your bike up a few blocks over - Or try the new bike lockers this weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm on a bike

Sometimes something just hits home - and your funny bone. Enjoy . . .

Thanks for drinking beer and riding bikes!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is from the Bikes and Rec gang - see you there....with your money!

Oct 2nd at 5pm we will begin doing laps around Sore Bloke's. It is roughly a 1/4 mile, cut off from major traffic, and, well, in front of his house. The money will come from donations from friends and family, places of business, strangers, etc. Get sponsored per lap or per goal (say 25, 50, or 100 laps). Come ride and have fun. Collect your sponsored money and we will give it all to the BBP. I will provide a grill and some coolers, pitchers of water, condiments, etc.
It is BYOB & BYOBBQ/side dish.
It's kid-friendly IF there is enough interest, so let me know. We MAY have a babysitter lined up to be here at the house, and if the interest is great enough, we'll get a bounce house.
(Sure, why not!?!)
In addition to your sponsorships we will play a game of Assassins. (Thank you PDX and the Velovulture!). For $1 you can buy an "assassins tag" to hang on the bottom of your seat, thereby making you an assassin and also a target. With a tag intact on your bike you may assassinate other riders by taking their tag. You may only assassinate while your tag is intact. If you make it back to the pit with your tag intact and tag(s) from other bikes, you may write your # (the one you will receive from sign-up) on it to be entered into a raffle for a brand-spanking new Reactor PBR messenger bag (as well as other swag as yet to be collected...)
I will be letting the neighbors know, and encouraging them to come out and ride, or at least show their faces in support. The course will be well marked for cars to use
EXTREME CAUTION, due to bike awesomery.
All bikes are welcome.
Helmets encouraged.
Fun will be had.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Red Hot Riot

Lanius posted this little note from Noble on the new Velocache site. Rumors were flying around that this was going on this weekend. 2pm at the VAC.
Thanks Lanius!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Street Smart Cycling

Ever wanted to learn about the rules of the road? Need to teach a child about safe cycling? Our good friend, Walt Sledzieski of TVCA, will be teaching a Street Smart Cycling class through Boise School's Community Education Program.

Here's the Scoop:
(Click Here to go to the site)

Designed for recreational cyclists, commuters, and new riders . Learn about bicycle traffic laws, lane positioning, riding strategies, equipment, maintenance, emergency maneuvers, and safety. This class will have you riding confidently in any traffic! Children between ages 10-15 must attend wtih an adult. Tuition is per student. Age 10+

Dates:October 21, 2009 Check for other dates
Meets:W from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, 1 Session
Instructor:Walt Sledzieski
Notes:Kids are welcome to attend this class (note: ages 10-15 must attend with an adult).


I saw the coolest thing Friday night. Vixen, Whateva & I were sitting on the patio at Liquid with Mr. & Mrs. Bloke - we had cracked into our second sixpack. The table next to us was also filled with friends and bike acquaintances. A friend of mine that is new to Boise rolled up in the alley to join us. Unfortunately he had acquired a flat on his Paddy Wagon. I tossed him my lock keys so he could ride over to World Cycle and grab a tube. At the same moment the N*88 and D-Bag ask if he needed a tube. They tossed him down a tube and a pump without a blink of an eye. They didn't ask for repayment, they didn't even know this guy, but he was a fellow biker who needed a hand. He changed his flat gave a big thanks and joined us for brews. The community of bikers that are in this city never cease to amaze me. I'm glad to know them and be apart of it.

I know that the good Karma that was handed out Friday night, will come back to those guys!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Felt upgrade

We here at the 3D house are beginning to have a collection of random bikes. We have been purchasing and rescuing bikes all summer. Most of them are great they just need a new tire, or handle bars, or have a flat. We all have our favorites that we ride most of the time - depending on type of ride we are taking- Vixen rides the cruiser when we are laying out multiple caches; the yellow bike when we are going for a long ride; and the "art bike" when it isn't broken. Whateva always rides the Monster truck, no matter what the ride or race is! I myself love my Felt. It was my first "real" bike purchase and it has always been a great ride. It's super light and gunmetal grey! I ride it almost all the time. The problem is, in the last year I have out grown the Felt. I "pedal off" every ride.

This last week I was helping Whateva fix a flat on the Moster truck and I realized that I had a larger chain ring on my "art bike" than on the Felt. I promptly started to cannibalize the art bike. It took some time to get the rings off and reattached. But the real bitch was shortening the darn chain! I was worried that ultimately I was just screwing up both of my favorite bikes.

The transformation was complete. Now for the test ride......
Switching from a 42 to a 46 chain ring, there are a few things that automatically happen. You go a hell of a lot faster -my average mph went up! But my longevity went to shit, it will take a few weeks to train my legs to last more than 10miles!

I won't be riding any sprints with this ratio, but I will be moving up finishing spots in the next alley cat! (hopefully)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

24 hour ride

The Portland Chapter of the Warlocks Bicycle Club (No blog as of yet) will be hosting this years 24 Hour Velo Vulture on Sept. 5-6, Labor Day weekend. As you can guess it is a 24 hour event in which teams of two navigate themselves around Portland hitting stops and collecting doo-dads according to a manifest or "list of things to get/see/do". You may retrieve more information at the Velo VultureBLOG.

I'm sure there will be plenty of Beer and Coffee drinking on this ride! Let us know how it goes folks!!

Courtesy of the Boise Warlocks

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sorry it took so long to post this!

We have a ton of photos that we are editing and laughing at. The videos are being put together! The winners were.......

Men -
Brady Callahan - first
Butters - Second
Justin Muyfield - Third
Michael - fourth
Pa Gypsy - fifth (Jake)
Jake - sixth
Jason Bauer - seventh
Adam Grenzeboch - eighth
Treker - ninth
Andrew M. - tenth

Woman -
Kristi Burley - first
Lisa Frost - second
Marcie Hatch - third
Anna D. - fourth
Ma Gypsy (Aly) - fifth

Brook & Amy Slee - First in for Team Fuck it!!!

This will take you to some of the pics... more to come soon!!!