Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look what was just posted

The Warlocks just posted this......

(A Sunday Brunch in Hell)
Sunday November 1, 2009
Reg: 10:30 Race: 11 AM
More details to follow.

YES!!! We can still take the little one out Sat and do the race!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So one of my Super Seniors at BSU is Head of security at Tom Graineys downtown. He was outside of class talking about how Grainey's and Ted Challenger are working with Pair and the Reef to close down 6th street this weekend. It was interesting to listen to him explain how difficult the city was making it to maintain the event's security - You can purchase beer in the street with tokens ( similar to Brew Fest) BUT - you cannot take that beer onto any bar property or off off the street? Any brews purchased inside the bars will not be able to wonder away from said establishments.

Although he is going to be shitting square bricks all day Saturday trying to keep the peace with customers and BPD - -
We can all go down and enjoy the brews and entertainment - I'm sure by the end of the evening watching the BPD and Security will be Hella entertaining!

Here's the Details -

DATE: September 26, 2009

TIME 2pm until 10pm

LOCATION: On Sixth Street between Main & Grove, yes the street is closed.

Help Raise Money for the Boise Basin Ski Racing Alliance

All Ages Welcome Don't miss the authentic German beer & food.

MUSIC FEATURED: Wolfie & The Bavarians, Marmalade Hill & Blues Brothers

Get the First Edition OLD BOISE OCTOBERFEST COLLECTOR'S MUG, drink tickets, and entrance to the adjacent night clubs for $20.00 or get a wristband with proper id (wristband is free)

I Suggest locking your bike up a few blocks over - Or try the new bike lockers this weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm on a bike

Sometimes something just hits home - and your funny bone. Enjoy . . .

Thanks for drinking beer and riding bikes!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is from the Bikes and Rec gang - see you there....with your money!

Oct 2nd at 5pm we will begin doing laps around Sore Bloke's. It is roughly a 1/4 mile, cut off from major traffic, and, well, in front of his house. The money will come from donations from friends and family, places of business, strangers, etc. Get sponsored per lap or per goal (say 25, 50, or 100 laps). Come ride and have fun. Collect your sponsored money and we will give it all to the BBP. I will provide a grill and some coolers, pitchers of water, condiments, etc.
It is BYOB & BYOBBQ/side dish.
It's kid-friendly IF there is enough interest, so let me know. We MAY have a babysitter lined up to be here at the house, and if the interest is great enough, we'll get a bounce house.
(Sure, why not!?!)
In addition to your sponsorships we will play a game of Assassins. (Thank you PDX and the Velovulture!). For $1 you can buy an "assassins tag" to hang on the bottom of your seat, thereby making you an assassin and also a target. With a tag intact on your bike you may assassinate other riders by taking their tag. You may only assassinate while your tag is intact. If you make it back to the pit with your tag intact and tag(s) from other bikes, you may write your # (the one you will receive from sign-up) on it to be entered into a raffle for a brand-spanking new Reactor PBR messenger bag (as well as other swag as yet to be collected...)
I will be letting the neighbors know, and encouraging them to come out and ride, or at least show their faces in support. The course will be well marked for cars to use
EXTREME CAUTION, due to bike awesomery.
All bikes are welcome.
Helmets encouraged.
Fun will be had.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Red Hot Riot

Lanius posted this little note from Noble on the new Velocache site. Rumors were flying around that this was going on this weekend. 2pm at the VAC.
Thanks Lanius!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Street Smart Cycling

Ever wanted to learn about the rules of the road? Need to teach a child about safe cycling? Our good friend, Walt Sledzieski of TVCA, will be teaching a Street Smart Cycling class through Boise School's Community Education Program.

Here's the Scoop:
(Click Here to go to the site)

Designed for recreational cyclists, commuters, and new riders . Learn about bicycle traffic laws, lane positioning, riding strategies, equipment, maintenance, emergency maneuvers, and safety. This class will have you riding confidently in any traffic! Children between ages 10-15 must attend wtih an adult. Tuition is per student. Age 10+

Dates:October 21, 2009 Check for other dates
Meets:W from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, 1 Session
Instructor:Walt Sledzieski
Notes:Kids are welcome to attend this class (note: ages 10-15 must attend with an adult).


I saw the coolest thing Friday night. Vixen, Whateva & I were sitting on the patio at Liquid with Mr. & Mrs. Bloke - we had cracked into our second sixpack. The table next to us was also filled with friends and bike acquaintances. A friend of mine that is new to Boise rolled up in the alley to join us. Unfortunately he had acquired a flat on his Paddy Wagon. I tossed him my lock keys so he could ride over to World Cycle and grab a tube. At the same moment the N*88 and D-Bag ask if he needed a tube. They tossed him down a tube and a pump without a blink of an eye. They didn't ask for repayment, they didn't even know this guy, but he was a fellow biker who needed a hand. He changed his flat gave a big thanks and joined us for brews. The community of bikers that are in this city never cease to amaze me. I'm glad to know them and be apart of it.

I know that the good Karma that was handed out Friday night, will come back to those guys!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Felt upgrade

We here at the 3D house are beginning to have a collection of random bikes. We have been purchasing and rescuing bikes all summer. Most of them are great they just need a new tire, or handle bars, or have a flat. We all have our favorites that we ride most of the time - depending on type of ride we are taking- Vixen rides the cruiser when we are laying out multiple caches; the yellow bike when we are going for a long ride; and the "art bike" when it isn't broken. Whateva always rides the Monster truck, no matter what the ride or race is! I myself love my Felt. It was my first "real" bike purchase and it has always been a great ride. It's super light and gunmetal grey! I ride it almost all the time. The problem is, in the last year I have out grown the Felt. I "pedal off" every ride.

This last week I was helping Whateva fix a flat on the Moster truck and I realized that I had a larger chain ring on my "art bike" than on the Felt. I promptly started to cannibalize the art bike. It took some time to get the rings off and reattached. But the real bitch was shortening the darn chain! I was worried that ultimately I was just screwing up both of my favorite bikes.

The transformation was complete. Now for the test ride......
Switching from a 42 to a 46 chain ring, there are a few things that automatically happen. You go a hell of a lot faster -my average mph went up! But my longevity went to shit, it will take a few weeks to train my legs to last more than 10miles!

I won't be riding any sprints with this ratio, but I will be moving up finishing spots in the next alley cat! (hopefully)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

24 hour ride

The Portland Chapter of the Warlocks Bicycle Club (No blog as of yet) will be hosting this years 24 Hour Velo Vulture on Sept. 5-6, Labor Day weekend. As you can guess it is a 24 hour event in which teams of two navigate themselves around Portland hitting stops and collecting doo-dads according to a manifest or "list of things to get/see/do". You may retrieve more information at the Velo VultureBLOG.

I'm sure there will be plenty of Beer and Coffee drinking on this ride! Let us know how it goes folks!!

Courtesy of the Boise Warlocks