Saturday, September 11, 2010

It was inevitable.....

We've moved!! We are now going to be located at DrinkBeerRideBikes.Com ~ Yep we went and did it all official like! So - please give us a little while to unpack at the new site - we hope for more pictures and videos - more linking and more beer and bikes!! See you there!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

our friend Ben from Fyxation sent us this heads up....

Fyxation Session 700 now Available in 700x23c!


We wanted to send you a quick email letting you know that the Session 700 is now available in a 700x23c. It's been a long time coming and we're stoked to finally have the Sessions in a smaller size that will fit most frames. The new tires will be available in the same 11 color options as the 700x28c sessions.

As a reminder, the Session 700 is a tire designed to handle the toughest urban riding conditions. Each tire has a Kevlar belt for rolling flat protection, an aggressive full wrap around tread for sick traction and each tire is 120TPI and foldable. While we don't sell the Sessions as a skidding tire, the black compound we use is the same hardness as a long wearing touring tire and can hold up well in the toughest conditions. As always, we recommend you use the Dual Compounds (DC Sessions) or our solid black if your plan is to throw in the occasional skid.

The new tires are currently available in the
Fyxation Web Store-

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hotti Regotti is leading the pack!

Boise Happy Hours is gathering everyone together for a good old Pub Crawl! Sept 4th

The unofficial end of summer calls for a pub crawl. But this isn’t just any pub crawl; this one includes bikes and local fare!

We will make our way amongst the Boise breweries, swilling tasty local brews, all the while helping the environment (our pocketbooks, waistlines, and public safety) by riding our bicycles!

Current itin:
11:30 - Meet at firemans memorial

12:00 – Sockeye

1:30 - Dutch Goose (not a brewery but local and a good stop btwn SE and HH)

3:00 - Highlands Hollow

4:30 – Tablerock Brewpub

6:00 – The Ram

7:30 - Gernika if we are still able to ride

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Need somewhere to put your bike on campus?

one of the big obstacles to riding a bike to campus is security. How can you assure that your bike will not be stolen or vandalized? With many security and parking personnel patrolling the campus, most high-visibility areas are safe, but incidents do still occur.

To help, a new bike barn will open this fall. The Bike Barn is a special fenced-off segment of the Brady parking garage that can store 65 bicycles on special racks. Students, faculty and staff can park their bikes away from inclement weather and under the watchful eye of security cameras. The gated entryway can only be activated by those who have signed up for the service through the parking office.

Cost is $15 per semester. Call the Transportation and Parking Services Office at 426-7275.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Late Notice..

The Red Room is trying to start a monthly bike race. This month's is this Saturday - 6pm reg. 7pm start. They have a ton of swag including a bike! So after curb cup get your butt over to red room!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Promote Bikes and Walking AND get paid?

Today is the last day to apply for the Idaho Pedestrian and Bicycle Alliance Executive Director position.

Here is the skinny:

Idaho Pedestrian & Bicycle Alliance (IPBA) is looking for a dynamic leader based in Boise with exceptional fundraising and organizational skills to take us to the next level. We are committed to providing $1,460 per month for a ½ time Executive Director (initially as a contractor) and seek a professional to meet the challenge of raising the operating budget and advancing the priorities of this start up organization. This will grow into a full time position when budget permits. Skills in marketing, fundraising, membership development, organization, outreach and program and working with a board. Work initially from your home office with your computer, telephone, etc. Resume and cover letter to by August 23.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beer Beer Beer Beer ...oh and bikes

since my liver is now back in my body - the most logical thing to do is get my toga and tutu ready for this Saturday's 2010 Tour de Fat!!!!

tour de fat 2010

Check out our Facebook page!

May the revival roll forth in the name of the bicycle, and may you ride true to

The Ten Commandments of the Tour de Fat:

1. Put no means of transport before thy bike: Come by bike because not only are bikes fun, but they help stave off some of our most wicked ills: Traffic, laziness, and pollution. Tour de Fat has a solution: ride this day, every day, and definitely when Tour de Fat heads your way.

2. Honor all other bikes: All bikes are good bikes, and all those who ride them are good people. This is the one Bike Festival that cherishes bicycle diversity on our Cruise-ade through town.

3. May every generation come forth: This is a family friendly event. Costumes, bikes and a parade? We were thinking like kids when we created Tour de Fat.

4. Thou shall come as a participant not a spectator: It's a costumed celebration of human-powered transportation. Muscles not motors, coasters, v-brakes and rotors. Come in your favorite alter ego, because when everybody's weird, no one is.

5. Thou shalt not bring booze; But enjoy the supplied malted adult refreshments responsibly: Please do not bring any outside alcohol on the ride or into the park. It could result in getting the event shut down...don't be that guy. And when you imbibe in our tasty brews, remember this is a Bicycle Festival with beer, not the other way around.

6. New Belgium shalt not profit: Our goal is to raise money for bicycle and environmental charities. New Belgium Brewing Company does NOT retain any of the events' proceeds. Please think of your $5 beer tokens as donations to a worthy cause. All sales are final; beer tokens do not expire and will be accepted next year (does not include TEXAS).

7. Remember the purpose, and bring not your pooches: No canine friends allowed this year. We're a dog-loving Brewery, but sadly not all municipalities and parks are. Please leave your best friends at home for their safety and the safety of others.

8. Keep the day true with thy good juju: The ride is free, but we suggest a $5 donation to the good bike advocates who are putting it on for you (does not include TEXAS). If you give more, you will not incur flats, mechanical troubles, or dry skin for a while…maybe. This is a celebration of the bike, not an anti-car rally. All tools have their place.

9. Thou shall rise early: Since Tour de Fat is a free show, we sometimes get more folks than we can accommodate. Once we're full, we will handle overflow like a restaurant or bar: one in, one out. We reserve the right to determine the appropriate crowd size in the name of safety and enjoyment for those inside.

10. Thou shalt not steal thy neighbors' bike: Don't even think of leaving with a bike that doesn't belong to you. Modern-day horse thieves will be dealt with by angry mob, pitchforks, and torches.

Schedule of Events

It is always a great day in the park with beer and fun!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

coming back soon....

we're still recovering from Sunday.... Pictures and updates soon.... Tour de Fat this weekend if my liver didn't explode.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's almost time!!!!

We're doing this big ass race this weekend? See you at Kathryn Albertson Park at Noon Sunday! Bring $10 and a 12oz beverage!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beer in the Blogosphere

Thought we'd share a cool new blog that highlights the importance of supporting your local brew-makers and breweries. It's good for the local economy, supports local agriculture and heck, they make fine ass beer. This blog is out of WA and did you know WA has over 100 breweries?

So here's a low down on the blog - 2 people, trying two beers (or more) from each WA brewery, in an attempt to hit all WA breweries by January 2012 (2 years). Have fun following along and living vicariously through their drinking and analysis. Or join them, send them tips, comments and what you know about good beer.


Drinking Beer the WA-ight Way: Visit Every Brewery In WA State by January 1, 2012...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


We just received a Gift Certificate from La Tapatia! And let me tell you the steak azteca there is to die for! Did I mention the Certificate is fo $50 bucks! That's a lot of margaritas baby!!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Looking for a job?

Idaho Pedestrian & Bicycle Alliance (IPBA) is looking for a dynamic leader based in Boise with exceptional fundraising and organizational skills to take us to the next level. IPBA is committed to providing $1,460 per month for a ½ time Executive Director (initially as a contractor) and seek a professional to meet the challenge of raising the operating budget and advancing the priorities of this start up organization. This will grow into a full time position when budget permits. Skills in marketing, fundraising, membership development, organization, outreach and program and working with a board.

Work initially from your home office with your computer, telephone, etc.

Resume and cover letter to by August 23.

It's official....

The VELOCACHE Gentlemen
are The Official Beer Sponsors for the
40 oz to freedom ride!!
They are providing Tail Dragger - by our favorite
brewer Kevin Bolen over at the Ram!!

Thanks for the sponsor guys! And thanks for the great beer!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just opened another package...

Fyxation Fyxation sent DBRB a hearty package! Lots of toys to give out at the finish! Thanks Fyxation ! We know the riders will love these!!!

from our friends at TreasuredValley....

Crescent Brewing, the Valley’s newest brewery

One more option, that’s how I look at it. Crescent Brewing has started getting their taps around town, right now they are in Brick 29 and the Nampa Winger’s with more places on the way. They’ll also be pouring beer at the Boise BeerFest here in a couple of weeks.

Friday, July 23, 2010

well shit....

Pretty sure some jerk off snagged my red chrome bag outta my truck last night.... if you see anyone who has recently acquired a red chrome bag that has stains on the bottom - let me know!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

opening up the mail...

Has never been so darn fun! We are receiving packages from donors every day! Here's more of what's in store for the 40oz to freedom ride Aug 15 -

Highland's Hollow Brewery - is giving us growlers of beer!

One of our favorite bike mechanics - Codizzle - over at George's Cycles - has sent us a bag full of fun goodies! Including a bike tune up from him!!!

Erin Sweeny of Cardinale's Hair Design - is throwing down a package deal to get your ears lowered!

Illustrator - Heather Bauer is working diligently on the poster and spoke cards! Keep your eyes peeled for it next week !!!

MANY MANY More donors - a full list should be up next week-ish! Can't wait for the 15th! In the meantime - go drink beer and ride bikes!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A new reality show we all can enjoy!

Thanks to Brew Advocate for this article....

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery to Star in New Discovery Channel Series: BREWED

Posted by: Todd on Tuesday - June 29, 2010 - 20:54 UTC
Topic Origin: Beer News
photo of Todd

(Silver Spring, Md.) Beer is the drink of the masses. If you look into a glass of beer you can see the past, present and future of mankind. Cicero lauded it, Genghis Khan fought for it and now Discovery Channel celebrates it with a world premiere series, BREWED, exploring the culture, history and variety of beer.

Meet Sam Calagione: maverick entrepreneur, family man and owner of Dogfish Head Brewery in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. As an ambassador to the world of craft beer, Sam travels the world to experience what every culture brings to its own special brew.

In BREWED, Sam shows viewers the other side of the bottle, sharing the stories of beer sub-cultures as well as exploring life inside The Dogfish Head Brewery. BREWED goes behind the scenes at Dogfish Head as Sam's merry band of creative brewmasters concoct new taste varieties.

"BREWED taps more than just kegs and barrels, it unlocks a fascinating history of beer making, showcasing the ingenuity and passion behind our love affair with those alluring suds and how it played a role in building civilizations," said Clark Bunting, President and General Manager of Discovery Channel.

Running a successful business also requires inspiration, so BREWED hits the road for the ultimate beer tasting road trip. Along with archeologist and beer expert Pat McGovern, Sam sets out to recreate "ancient ales" that have been discovered at sites around the world from Egypt to Peru. He travels to Rome to research old world Italian beers as inspiration for a new site in New York with Mario Batali. A visit to New Zealand introduces the idea of making the "first tomato based beer." And back home, Sam is tasked to come up with a commemorative beer called "Bitches Brew" to celebrate the 40th anniversary release of Miles Davis' famous recording.

"Beer has always been my passion. It is so much more than what you see in the glass. I'm excited to share the diligence, daring and creativity that we pour into our work," said Calagione.

BREWED is produced for Discovery Channel by Zero Point Zero Productions. Chris Collins and Lydia Tenaglia are executive producers. Tim Pastore is executive producer for Discovery Channel.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

from Wend Magazine....

We all know that if there are two things that go together perfectly, it is beer and cycling. From the Hopworks Bike Bar to the cross-country Bike and Brew tour, popping a cold one is a crucial part of pre-ride, mid-ride and post-ride nutrition. That is why the folks at Pyramid Breweries are offering a chance to win a tailor-made carbon fiber road bike from Seven Cycles, valued at over $6,000. The grand prize winner gets the bike, a personalized fitting, and a Pyramid messenger bag to pack around your favorite brew.

To enter, all you have to do is describe your dream bike ride over at the Pyramid website. That’s it. Plus you have a chance of getting the second place prize–a custom steel frame bike from Seven and a messenger bag.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Awesome Support

As we are getting ready for the Aug 15th ride we like to give some shout outs to the great people who are donating to make this an AWESOME event:

Some of our favorite returning companies -

The People's Clinic of Boise back with us again this year to make sure we all get a healthy recovery from the race with acupuncture!

Studio 1212 donating another amazing bike art piece!

Boise Bike Project taking care of our bike part needs!


Urban Velo and the Ride a F*^king Bike well, get out there and ride it!

The League of American Bicyclist - recognizing how awesome Boise is to ride bikes in!

There's many many more - we're working up a storm to make this ride a fun one!

Friday, July 2, 2010

It's that time

It's the one that started it for a number of us. It's a damn good time, fun for young-old, pros-noobs, and patriots-fanatics.

It's one of my personal favorites, I started with B&S1 and have done everyone since. I keep dragging more and more folks out to play for the race, and they keep coming back.

Join us: Race starts at 4:00pm. Registration starts at 3:00pm. Tailgating starts at 12:00pm. See you there.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the birth of DBRB

Three years ago this weekend Blackhappy, Vixen, Myself and Capt Fuck It gave birth to DBRB. We all rode in our very favorite Alley Cat - BARS & STRIPES. Believe it or not until this date I was on 9 months of being DRY! It was for shits n giggles - had no real reason to drink/nor on not too....
Blackhappy convinced me to ride this all city alley cat that was sponsored by bike messengers. Did I mention that at the time I was riding a WalMart Magna with mountain bike tires? So - why not? I had no idea what an alley cat was, and that I was participating in the BEER ride of the season! Once arriving at the Boise Weekly with 7 other buddies that Blackhappy convinced to ride, we all decided that there needed to be a distinct cut off of types of riders. There was Team Speed - with Blackhappy as the Captain- in it to win it!! Team Fran - which was the sober and finishing team (WTF?) Not an official team but Team Fuck It evolved DURING the ride!!!
Our first stop was the fairgrounds - followed by our second stop the 44 club - where my lungs were on fire!! Test Tube Kitty would not let me leave the bar without drinking - in a desperation to calm the fire I ordered my first beer in almost a year! I chugged half and passed the rest onto a team mate. I ran out the door for the next stop.....
The four of us on Team Fran whirled through the Sunday evening streets with 96 other riders - we rang our bells and screamed "Drink Beer Ride Bikes!" and other riders would respond with the same. As the four of us cannonballed from the Plank down capital hill there were riders who were chanting our motto as they rode up the hill. It was an amazing feeling, and not just because of the beer :)
As Team Fran was riding feverishly through town, Team Fuck It had made a distinct decision NOT to hit every spot. Capt Fuck It happened to ride her cruiser for the race. As Team Fran was headed to the 44 club, Capt F.I. hadn't even made it to the fairgrounds. But she was a trouper and caught up to us all on State Street headed for the Lucky Dog. Still a good half mile and one beer behind us, she arrived at the Dog, but before she could dismount for the bar, her bike clipped the curb and she went down. That was it, the last stop for her. She and the other cruiser riders sat at the Dog until the rest of us finished the race. Since then Team Fuck It has been the team to maintain the BEER part of Bars & Stripes.... Strict rules for being on this team:
The Team will find the straightest route from start to finish of the ride that has the most beer involved. You can only compete in beer pong, you will be drunk at the finish line. Very serious to be on Team Fuck It.

Team Speed - Capt Blackhappy - was hauling ass through town to the finish at O'Micheals. He was a team of one that year! Last year his team grew and this team there are even more hungry racers ready to getter done!
As the few of us in the group arrived at the finish and received our Natty Ice and lunch pail - we all whooped and hollered for North Star Owner Warren O'dell as he gave out the winnings... no of us won anything. But we had an amazing adventure.
We then went to Mulligans and proceeded to get trashed! It lasted until the four in the morning! And I've been drinking beer since!

Oh.... and VeloVixen beat us all that year.....darn her!

The next year we had almost 20 participants in our group waiting to registrar outside the Weekly.......

This year we are shooting for a solid 25+ representing DBRB! Doesn't matter what team!!!!

This SATURDAY is the Annual
13 bucks to enter - you get a T-shirt
Registration starts at 3 - race at 4
TAILGATING in front of the BOISE WEEKLY (6th & Broad)
Starts around NOON! BYOB!
There are three teams to choose from:
Team Speed - with Captain Josh - you are in it to win it!!!
Team Fran - you will finish the race but be drunk as a skunk!!
And TEAM FUCK IT with Angie -
you will only go to stops that have beer!

Choose your team wisely!
IT’s a lot of fun! And they give away great prizes! If you don’t want to race - come tailgate!
Or the finish is at SOLID in BO-DO - watch the racers come in!

You will need to be 21 to play,
A Boise Weekly from this week, A bike, pen, and bag of some sort.

Monday, June 21, 2010

40 oz to Freedom

Well, I've been MIA from the blog for too long...I was starting to think that the Captain was going to make me walk the plank! Anyway, lots of updates, including some information about DBRB's next ride.

"40 oz to Freedom" had new meaning for me a few weeks ago when I had to go to SLC overnight. Unfortunately, when heading back the next morning, my dear, sweet Priscilla's engine started smoking. Yet, when life hands you a big bunch of expensive lemons, make some hard lemonade. To my delight, next door to the mechanic was the Wasatch & Squatters brewery!

I went on it to see what new treats I might be able to find - in addition to beer flavored lip balm, beer brauts, and other goodies, they have a larger selection of beer than I would have imagined. I sorted through the options to see what souvenirs I could bring back for a DBRB taste test latter.

For the Captain, I brought back "The Devastator." It's an Double Bock, 8% b.v., and delicious!

Vixen's choice was the easiest. The "1st Amendment Lager" has a great slogan on the bottle, "Give me liberty - or give me a cold one." Um, how about both? This one was even better than the Captain's.

For myself, I grabbed a little tail, "Chasing Tail" golden ale, that is. This was tasty, but not as good as the others.

Anyway, with a little more than 40 oz loaded into my good-as-last-week car, I headed towards home and freedom!

Now, onto DBRB's "40 oz to Freedom." As you may have heard, you need to mark your calendars for Sunday, August 15 for our next ride. Like our other rides, this will be a straight race - timing and routing will be the keys. Routing will be especially important this time. As you would assume, drinking will be involved. We're busy working on some awesome swag for all of you. It'll be great fun - don't miss it!

Until next time,

Big Red (formerly Yellow Pepper)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Symposium Bar

After a crazy evening of riding around Velocachingwith MEA & Velovixen - we needed a place to get outta the storm and carb load!!!

Located on the big dirt lot at 2801 Fletcher St, (Fairview and 27th) The Symposium is one of Boise's oldest and best dive bars! A full bar and a ton of free popcorn - there's chips you can order if you are desperate. I think it would be even better with a taco truck out side!
There's a pool table and a great jukebox also. No patio - so prepare your lungs before going in.

BUT - the best part of Symposium is the fact that ALL of my favorite people can hang out

The Sympo is one of the very few dog bars in town! As long as your four legged friend doesn't sneak behind the bar or hit on too many other pups - they are free to come and hang out!!!

To get there on bike - follow the greenbelt westward from Downtown or the Eastside - you can pop right up at 27th and follow the dirt to the bar!

From the Westside same thing - follow the greenbelt instead of getting squished in 27th street traffic.

And the four legged friends like the greenbelt too - cars can be a little dangerous for all of us!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Looking ahead...

So there are some important dates you may want to mark on your calendar!

Weekend of July 4th - Bars N Strips Alley Cat, sponsored by Northstar Couriers and the Boise Weekly. We all line up early outside the doors of the Weekly and get our beer on! Join us for one of DBRB's favorite summer rides!

July 30 - 31 Sawtooth Music Festival in Stanley ID. One of the best music festivals in Idaho - enjoy the weekend listening to regional bands with the great sawtooth mountains in the background! Get your tickets soon - they fill up fast!

Aug 6,7,8 - BREW FEST! the first beer drinking festival of the summer! Ann Morrison
park fills with some of the Northwest's great breweries!
A weekend of beer, song, and sun! Be sure to hang onto your beer cup!

Aug 15th - DBRB's 40oz to Freedom Ride!
We're in the planning stages right now, but we are promising a great time! Keep your eye's here for more information throughout the summer! If you are interested in working a stop - please let us know! We love our stop workers - and treat them with libations and presents!

Aug 21 - Tour De Fat!
Another one of our favorite summer events! New Belgium Brewing bring the carnival and beer! All proceeds go to local non-profits! There are plenty of shenanigans to be had! Check out the website for more events and activities!

ALL RIGHT! That's what I have on the DBRB calendar! If you know of something that I missed please let me know so I can post it/ attend!

Go drink some beer and ride your bike while the sun is still out!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Did You Know.....

You don't have to throw out all those old bikes! You can donate them! No not to BBP - To the Idaho Shakespeare Festival! There are plenty of out of town actors and shop workers that need transportation while they are working here during the summer. It's a great way for them to get to see the beautiful city we live in! And most of them haven't had the opportunity to ride in a long time!
So next time you are thinking of cleaning out your bike rack - head to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


If you have been hiding in a hole for the past two months, you may not know that this Saturday is Dirty & Pink!!! The largest all female bike race in Idaho! Jodie, Noble, and Megan have been bustin' ass making sure that this ride will kick ass! There was a pre-registration on the web, but if you didn't make it on the list you should still show up on Sat... Some people might not show and you can take their spot!!! The theme this year is IDAHO - so with it what you will! The Finish is at Leku Ona on sixth - so if you don't ride - at least come support the ladies that are!!!

Image is property of Noble Hardesty - Test Tube Kitty

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bud makes the best.....weapons???

Men allegedly use case of beer as weapon in heist

PUEBLO, Colo. — Bud Light may not be advertising these two as “Real Men of Genius.” Two men are accused of using an 18-pack case of Bud Light as a weapon while stealing beer at a Loaf ‘N Jug convenience store.

The men are accused of stealing three cases of Bud Light from the store early Saturday. According to police, one of the men used a case of the beer to hit a clerk during the theft. The clerk wasn’t seriously hurt.

Police officers chased the suspects on foot. The affidavit said police found two cases of beer in a back yard, then went inside and found the men. The men are awaiting court appearances.

Information from: The Pueblo Chieftain,