Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I think DBRB knows some HOT DUDES....







Not sure why there is a website for pictures of hot bike dudes, but why not darn it!

Monday, March 29, 2010

bike snagged

Someone snagged Aqua Boy's bike right off of his patio. If you see this bike around town let us know so we can kill the jerk who took it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wheelhopper ride this Saturday!

Wheelhopper Boise

Next ride:

Saturday, March 27th

Hare: P2E

Time: 4:00 PM

Tires: Any! Road, cruiser, & MTB friendly

Where: TBA

Bring $10, a helmet and a friend if you have one…..


More info: What’s a Wheelhopper? We are an informal group of mountain bike riders fashioned after the infamous Hash House Harriers groups for runners. Like the runner's Hash House Harriers groups which have become so popular all over the world, including North America, we encourage those with half-a-mind to join to do so. Likewise, Wheelhopper Hash House Harriers also greatly enjoy a cold beer (or soft-drink) after our hares-and-hounds style rides.

Our trails favor advanced, recreational, and beginner riders: women and men. We mark each course with biodegradable baking-flour, including false-trail marks to slow down those hard core riders and enable most of the riders to finish the course together. Rides are mostly off-road and generally 8 to 15 miles for the advanced and recreational riders and sometimes we have an alternate trail of about 3 to 6 miles for the beginners.

We encourage helping one another along the course. This is not a race; but you may ride as hard or easy as you like. (Bring a whistle, bell, or other noise maker to let others behind you know which direction to go.) We also appreciate and respect the land, people and property that we pass. For $6.00 you get the trail, ride, beer and soft-drinks, munchies, and the camaraderie with others of half-a-mind.

Wheelhopper Boise meets on the 2nd –or- 4th Thursday of the month during the winter, and the 2nd –and- 4th Thursdays the rest of the year. www.wheelhopperboise.com

Monday, March 22, 2010

Liverdance Wrap up

The big news for the DBRB crew . . . the Cap'n took first place women's!

This was following a hard ride with Aquaboy, Jimmy and Blackhappy - including an accident that had the Cap'n t-boning Blackhappy and bouncing off the concrete. But she got up, dusted off and rode to glory.

Even with all the mishaps and hard riding that left her winded - I'm thinking it was the leg wrestling with Manbaby at the Fireside that hurt her the most.

Good Times, Good Times. Thanks Warlocks Bike Club!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Troubling - take action Now!

This is f*&@ed up. So Tony Kornheiser got suspended from ESPN in February for making comments about female commentator Hannah Storm - yeah buddy that is called sexual harassment.

Now the dildo, ESPN's Tony Kornheiser, is making comments calling for automobiles to run down cyclists. Or, just give them a little bump. Does he have any fucking idea how much damage that can do - and thanks for inciting violence against a cyclists.Troubling -

The video follows. We are asking you to contact ESPN online and ask for Tony Kornheiser, host of Pardon the Interruption, to be suspended or better yet fired.

There are limits to free speech. Once you incite violence and add a direct call to action for drivers to "run them over like coyotes" or "bump" cyclists - you have crossed the line.

You can do this before or after Sunday's Race...

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Brakes put on Brake Legislation!

SB1351: Civil Penalties

So Tuesday in the Idaho Legislature, the Senate failed to pass SB1351 that would add a $75.00 civil penalty to all infractions involving bicycles (including motor vehicle interactions with bicycles). The civil penalties collected from these infractions would have been directed into a newly created Safe Routes to School Fund to be used by the Idaho Department of Transportation (ITD) to enhance their Safe Routes to School Program, making children safer
when travelling to or from their school.

While on another bill . . .

SB1349: Brakes

The Senate showed their disdain for a certain segment of bike riders by passing SB1349 that requires that all bicycles operating on Idaho roadways have a working brake. Let's get real - they are talking about "fixies" and even the language of their own bill shows a misunderstanding of how fixies work. The new section of the law would read:

"49-725. BICYCLE EQUIPMENT REQUIRED. Every bicycle, when operated upon a roadway of this state, shall be equipped with at least one brake adequate to control the movement of such bicycle and to stop and hold such bicycle."
The Fiscal Impact of the SB1349 indicates a small positive fiscal impact to local governments could happen from citations issued for no brakes.

What Now? Well, Put on the Brakes!

SB1349 moved over to the House yesterday and was held at the speaker's desk. This means essentially the Speaker of the House has held the bill and did not assign it to a committee for a hearing. We are hopeful the bill stays at the Speaker's desk, but encourage folks to contact their House representatives to ensure it does and tell them essentially what Rick Overton said in today's Statesman pro/con article, "Turning cops into brake inspectors squanders resources and antagonizes the cycling community without making anyone safer."

House Representatives
The Idaho Legislature has an Interactive Site to help you locate your House Rep and send them an email, give them a call or write them a letter. Remember to always be respectful, state your position and let them know you live in their district - especially because this is an election year for ALL 105 Idaho legislators.

brakes or no brakes...

All of us DBRB members have been discussing the current bills that the senate passed this week. We have talked about blogging on the bills, writing to senators, doing opinion polls. It has been frustrating. But I think this morning Velovixen summed up our stand on the issue.....

Brakes will not stop stupid people.

Yep, that about wraps it up.

Oh and Triton looks great in this mornings paper!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A little polo before the liver ride?

Band of Gypsies are hosting!


The Warlocks have finally announced the first big spring ride!
L5 promises to be entertaining and full of calcium! Good Luck Riders!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bowling for Rhinos - This Saturday!

Ride your bike over to 20th Century Lanes this Saturday night for Bowling for Rhinos! It is sure to be a great time and all for a good cause.

All funds raised go to rhino conservation!

If you want to bowl, registration is $20 (or $70 for 4) and includes 2 games of bowling, awesome t-shirt and raffle ticket for some sweet prizes (ever met a binturong?). It is recommended that you pre-register - call 384-4125 x110.

If you don't want to bowl, just come hang out - even the beer proceeds go to the rhinos! For once you can feel good about drinking a lot.

Visit Zoo Boise's website for more information.

Festivities begin at 6:00 pm. Hope to see you there!

Monday, March 1, 2010