Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Check This out!

This will go under beer stuff that rocks. Look at the section under the new swag - I think I know some brewers who could snap a pic with a micro brew - Pa Gypsy?

Thanks Loar Lady for the lead!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Save the Date

thanks Warlocks for the great cartoon

DBRB CREW is planning an Alley Cat.....
Keep the afternoon of August 16th free....

More details soon.....

Sorry 21 and up only, it's not Drink Beer Ride Bikes for Nothin'!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eco brewfest and Twilight recap

twilight racers in the heat
Lemon Pepper waiting for her beer
The Finish line
Our Favorite Beer Crew!

The Combination of the Eco Brew Fest and the Twilight race was fantastic! There was plenty to drink and lots to watch. For ten dollars you received the official drinking cup and tickets. You can buy more tickets if you need them, but you don't really need more than the ten.

With cup in hand you wander through a labyrinth of beer tents. Each one is a NW brewer and has a standard and a specialty brew. Some have three or four varieties! For one ticket you get about a four ounce beer taster. Which works great! Then you can taste all the different types and vendors until you find your favorite and can buy a full glass!

There isn't a ton of food available so pack a snack if you are going today.

The Beer List:
THE RAM - Pa Gypsy told me 3 times the name of the beer I was drinking, but I forgot, but it is a light and zesty beer. It was brewed with lemons which gives it a light and crispy feeling. Careful this one goes down very fast!

The Hollow - I had the Ginger Wheat brew from Chris - wow that was the perfect beer for the heat! Light and refreshing but a nice ginger undertone.

New Belgium - Biere De Mars - this beer was served very cold. It was a nice light bubbly drink, but not a ton of flavor.

Big Sky - I had the honey brew, which was alright but it felt like I was drinking honey. The beer is very thick and heavy, but very flavorful and robust.

Rouge Brewery - Now blackhappy and I disagree on this one - The Morimoto - it's brewed with buckwheat and hops, this beer was to me like eating toast. Way too much on the grain taste for me.... But blackhappy thought it was great!

Table Rock - I don't remember the name, but it was the Porter. It was great! High in flavor and very smooth. A perfect coffee ice cream aftertaste.

Grand Teton- The Organic Al Natural - Super tart, not my favorite at all.

Sockeye - the Prairie - As Lemon Pepper said "this taste like scotch and I don't drink ashtrays" I preferred the term bacon beer! It's smokey and dark.

Mac & Jack - The Porter - This was voted the favorite of the group. It was "chocolate and alcohol in a bottle" Great flavor with a clean taste before and after. Served very cold which makes it very drinkable!!!!

There is more breweries and beers to taste and enjoy at the festival. The list above was as far as I got before I needed some nachos! Which is why i don't recommend getting the extra tickets. The first ten will last you through plenty of beers!

The Festival continues on the Grove from 10am - 6pm today. ENJOY! Drink Beer Ride Bikes!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What do ya think?



4 p.m. Saturday and noon on Sunday, enjoy an eco-brew outside on the Grove. $10 admission includes 8 taster tickets and a mug with which you can sample more than a dozen brewers arts. Live music will also accompany the tastings. And don't forget to recycle.

Then you can wander your drunk asses over to the Twilight Criterium to watch really really fast bikes take over the Boise Streets! Races start at 3!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Public Wheel Meeting

The public is invited to attend a community education panel about the rules that govern interactions between motorists and cyclists. The panel includes District 17 Idaho State Senator Elliot Werk; 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong; Boise attorney Thomas J. Lloyd III; Sergeant Clair Walker of the Boise Police Department’s bike patrol, and Officer Anthony Dotson of the Boise Police Department.
The event will be moderated by Boise City Council Candidate TJ Thomson. For more information, contact Tom Lloyd at 208-520-8768, or Jim Philpott at 208-340-0051.
At the Falcon tonight at 7pm

Monday, July 13, 2009


OK - this is neither beer nor bikes, but Vixen wants to share her love for the late, great (albeit strange) Michael Jackson. This is the best tribute video she has seen (thanks and props to Wendy Fox for sharing this):

Now Beat It!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Bike Corral

Have you seen this! This is awesome! I know that the 8th street bike racks are always overloaded. This new corral on the corner of 8th and Bannock can hold up to 19 bikes! Thanks CCDC for saving the meters and the trees in the area from our locks! Can we have a few hundred more of these!

Friday, July 10, 2009

And speaking of comments . . .

This is for our friend Hotti

We love you Hotti!

Homebrew Fest

From our dear friend Brew 1 (in case you missed the Grand Opening comments):

Hey congrats to the BBP on the new digs and all who helped make it happen. After the shindig at the BBP tomorrow come down to the Stonehouse where we are hosting an all Idaho Homebrew competition and award ceremony. A portion of the proceeds will be going to the BBP. We will be judging homebrews starting at 11am and will announce winners later that evening. Along with that we will have a number of guest beers on tap from Idaho Breweries including Grand Teton Brewing, Trail Creek Brewing out of Twin Falls, Laughing Dog Brewing and of course beers from all the local Boise breweries Sockeye, Tableock, Highlands Hollow and the Ram. Along with that we will have the grill fired up and burgers with all the goods will be served. Cost for beer and food is 10 bucks. Doors will open at 5 pm and we will go until around 9 pm.

Hope to see you there

We can't think of a better place to be - or better company to keep!

DBRB needs a logo

anyone have any ideas?


For those of you in a hole......

BBP MOVED! And Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of the new space. everyone has been bustin' a nut to get stuff sorted and organized! Things are looking AWESOME! The new address is 1027 Lusk street - (Ann Morrison Park area), and they are going to open up around 11am. Come by check out the new place, get some parts, work on some bikes, it'll be a good day!

Thanks Jen for the photo!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taco and a Tour

Each Thursday DBRB crew and friends meet down in Hyde Park for some cheap and tasty grub. Parilla Grill has specials every day of the week - but on Thursdays it is Dollar Taco Night - YES I said a DOLLAR! They are served in a variety of ways: soft shell or hard shell; pork, beef, chicken, or veggie; and a hell of a lot of salsa choices! My favorite is to order one of each and let the fantastic Parilla team decide what goes in them for me! You get nice and full, on a healthy dinner, and eat local..... we have not tried the nachos yet.
On the patio is a few of our favorite bartenders - the twins! Who not only tend to our drinks here, but also at our clubhouse! They have a ton of beers on tap and a full bar. Although we love our beer - they have a drink called a Harry Palmer made with sweet tea vodka - it's dangerously tasty!

Last week Vixen wanted to walk around the neighborhood and look at the new bike shop behind Hyde Park pub. On the patio sat this sexy little number.....

This is the SE 700c Lager. And I think my Felt might need a white sister!!! The bike shop Joyride Cycles sells MSC and Transition mountain bikes, Vassago 29-inch, SE fixed-gear, and Look road bikes. The shop also carries I/O Bio’s line of Merino wool clothing as well as Oakley and Fly apparel. All very affordable and comes with expert sales people and mechanics.
As we drooled on the bikes on the patio, Warlock A41 peeped out of the front door!!! He gave us the behind the scenes tour of the shop (which made us drool even more) and let us check out the new bikes they had.
SHIT! They have sexy bikes named after beer, locally owned, and our buddy works there! It's a perfect combination for the DBRB Crew!!

The route from Downtown -

Take 10th street North (toward the hills) all the way through Boise High School. Turn left on Front street (West), Turn Right on 13th (North), be careful on 13th there are a lot of pedestrians and traffic and no bike lane. Parilla is on 13th and Joyride is just off 13th on Alturas.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Supper Jazzed for Saturday

(how often can you say 'jazzed' in polite company)

It has been a while since I have posted... Up to my neck in work... arghhhhhh.

But as seen in the previous post we are coming up on the 4th annual B&S. Four years ago I read about a bike riding and beer drinking event in the Boise Weekly , naturally this peeked my interest.
A little buzzed and thoroughly adrenalinized I completed my first Alley Cat race. The next year a dragged a few friends, the next year we tackled the race on mass. As we passed each other between stops we would shout, "Drink beer, ride bikes", And thus we were born. With rumor of folks flying in from the east coast just for the race DBRB (yep, I linked the site you are already at twice in this post) will undoubtedly be an overwhelming force in the 09 B&S. And I can't wait!

Well, I should get back to work so I can drink beer and ride bikes this Saturday, but we (3) hope to see you there, we (4) will be the abnixous group in front of you (team speed) or next you on a bar stool (team finsh that beer we got to go) or behind you (team fuck it).