Sunday, May 31, 2009

More from this last week.....

Bike parking at Bar G
Went to go see Eilen Jewell which was fantastic! I wouldn't recommend going back to the Grizzly Rose bar since the customer service and bar policies are terrible - but her music was great!

Of course we started off way before the concert having the Martini's over at Chandlers -
and then to liquid for PBR, then to pie hole for more PBR !

Drink Beer Ride Bikes

A great biker...

his week, our community lost a fellow biker to an unfortunate accident. There was beautiful tribute to Jim Chu by the bike community - and I am proud to say that DBRB crew participated. Thanks to all bikers that did the Ghost bike dedication and lead the funeral procession.

Been a little while.....

DBRB hosted a great BBQ where lots of our buddies came to celebrate the kick off of summer! There were HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of cans of beer consumed! Not to mention blackhappy's growler! We had a great beer pong table going all night! Street races were the best - with a category for everyone to participate.... next time though Jason has to race with one leg only so the rest of us actually have a chance!!!!

Thanks to all who came - we will do it again!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Master Plan

Boise Weekly is helping keep us involved - here's the latest on Bike Routes:

You’ve got one more chance to have your say about how the Ada County Highway District addresses bike needs in the future.

ACHD Commissioners will consider a master plan for a county wide bike network that would potentially provide a designated bike route or bike lane within one-quarter mile of roughly 95 percent of county residents.

The final draft of the Roadways to Bikeways plan will be up for adoption at the commission meeting on Wednesday, May 27 beginning at 6 p.m. at the ACHD administration headquarters at 3775 Adams St. in Garden City. The public will have one final chance to offer comments before the final vote.

The Roadways to Bikeways plan started in 2007, and creates a broad policy to guide road building efforts in the county over the next 50 years. The final plan includes connecting gaps in the current bike system and incorporating bike-friendly options in new projects. The plan also takes into consideration the more than 2,100 responses from a public surveyconducted over the past several years.

See you there!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bike Solidarity and Loss

We are posting this in a show of solidarity. This is a terribly tragic accident - and a huge loss. Please visit Bikes and Rec for further updates, we will try to post them here as well. And please plan on gathering for the memorial procession on Friday, May 29.

Dear Friends and Family of Jim Chu,

On May 19, Jim Chu was riding his bike during his lunch hour, in the bike lane and with a helmet, and was struck from behind by a Boise ValleyRide van. He passed away Thursday, May 21st at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center as a result of severe traumatic brain injury.

Memorial services will take place at Cathedral of the Rockies Emmaus Center in Boise, Idaho at 1:00PM on Friday, May 29th. If anyone has photos of or stories about Jim they would like to share, please forward them to me by Wednesday, May 27th to have them potentially included in the video memorial. Following the service, bicyclists will lead the procession to the burial service at Dry Creek cemetery in Eagle. It will be a new tradition in Boise. This will be a very special and unique ceremony, and we hope you will join us in honoring Jim and his life.

Additionally, a “ghost bike” ceremony will be held tomorrow, on Memorial Day, at 11am near the site of the incident. A bike has been painted white and will be decorated with flowers. Location is about 300 feet north of the intersection of Aeronca and south Orchard south of I-84 on Orchard on the east side of the street. If you attend, please part along Aeronca for safety, not on Orchard.

Much Love,

Lisa, Sara, Jenny and Jim’s Family

Please remember during the procession we will be wearing helmets.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Tonight the DBRB Crew is headed over to our mates place - Sore Bloke - to ride to rid cancer!!!  See he and his crew at Bikes and Rec are participating in the fatty  his event is to help raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation (they HATE cancer) And it's a darn good reason to drink beer and ride around the hood! 902 Sylvan 6pm is when and where all the fun is!  Bring your favorite brew and a few bucks to stop cancer - really I'm serious bring some dollars and drafts-   We'll be there doing beer relays!  And having a ton of fun! 

The basic idea of the 100 Miles of Nowhere is that no matter where you are, on May 23 you’re going to either ride your small outside course for 100 miles. Or if that sounds like too much,  since you will be the only one racing in your age group, gender, category, and region, you are clearly going to win your age/gender/region/category group.Yeah, that’s right. I’m guaranteeing you are going to win. How often do you get that kind of assurance in a race?  - fatty 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bike Lockers in Boise!

Come on Bikers - speak up!

May 12, 2009
Survey: Bike Lockers in Downtown Parking Garages

The City of Boise is exploring a pilot project to install bicycle lockers in one or two of the public parking garages in downtown Boise. The pilot bicycle locker project is being funded by a Boise City Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant and implemented by the Downtown Business Association and the Capitol City Development Corporation (CCDC).

The lockers would be accessible 24 hours a day. A bicycle locker provides secure, dry storage of your bicycle. We are surveying the public on their interest and pricing of the lockers and some general questions about biking to downtown Boise. For more information, contact

The survey, which has 14 questions and takes less than 2 minutes to complete, closes Friday, June 12, 2009.

Click here to take the Survey

Sunday, May 17, 2009

End of Beer Week

Today Boise's Oldest Brew Pub will close out the AMERICAN CRAFT BEER WEEK. You can meet the brewers and tour the brewery, they are charging $5 - but you'll get to sample Mcsherry's beers. The tours begin at noon & are limited so you may have to just go take over a table for awhile and drink their beers. But I don't recommend their martinis! I haven't tried the nachos - but if someone wants to give a report, that would be great!

Ok to get there -

From downtown the best way is to go south on 8th street all the way to Fulton. Turn left (east) and it's one block down! Lots of places to lock up.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Drink Drank Drunk

So we have been very busy this week drinking enormous amounts of beer and riding like crazy! That is why we haven't posted. On Thursday it was the Boise Bike Week Block party - Where some of our favorite bike friends sponsored an Alley Cat that was free! Thanks Northstar! Our favorite grass roots group - Boise Bike Project - raffled off a wicked CURBSIDE to help them raise money for a new space. I think I spent my whole paycheck on raffle tickets - still didn't win. And we got to watch all the crazy events from one of our favorite bars - Gernika! We here at DBRB had to take Friday off to recover from all the fun! (and beer)!

So today there is more fun to be had! Not as much on the beer side (still recovering) but lots of bike events!!

Pedal Power Parade - Everyone loves a parade, so dress in costume, if you like, and deck out the ride too. The finale of Boise Bike Week 2009 is a pedal power parade through the streets of downtown Boise followed by pizza, refreshments and raffle prizes in the park. Sat., May 16, 5 p.m. FREE, Capitol Park, 601 W. Jefferson, Boise

Idaho Mountain Touring 25th Anniversary - Celebrate 25 years of recreating with a weekend festival. On Saturday, Idaho Mountain Touring is throwing a street party with bike demos, food and beverages. Enter a raffle for prizes and kettle corn will be served. Tim Johnston of The River 94.9FM is in charge of the music all day on Saturday. Through May 17. FREE. Idaho Mountain Touring, 1310 Main St., Boise (Boise Downtown), 208-336-3854.

So you know there will be consumption after these events - I'll let you all know where we land!

Here's some pics from Thursday!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Dumbest (sober) Wreck Ever... (or this week)

So Monday after a long day at work I'm heading home... It's a beautiful day. I don't even mind the extra two miles of my commute (thank you ACHD). I make the haul up Capitol, turn on to Crescent rim, turn again onto the quiet neighborhood streets... I'm minutes from home. I over dressed, I've got three layers on and after the run up capitol I'm sweating a bit... normal... no biggie. I then choose to take of my hat and air out a bit and cool off... normal... no biggie. A few blocks later, cooling complete I decide to put my hat back on... normal... no biggie. I take my hands off the bars, whip the hat forward ( to establish proper hat orientation), whip the hat back (toward my head)... normal... no biggie. And manage to catch just the tip of my bar... not normal... real biggie.

I manage to sling the handle bars 90 degrees, halting the forward momentum of the bike and propelling myself (mid hat application) forward to the asphalt. My momentum is quickly reduced by friction, the evidence of which i now display on my body. After I realize I am not dead, and actually barely injured I let out a 135db "Fuck!". I roll over and there is a pleasant neighborhood mother and young child running toward me. Thoroughly embarrassed by not only the sheer stupidity of my actions, but by my immature vulgarity, I inform the nice lady I'm fine. I crawl back on my bike to prove that 'all is good' and head up the road. I get around the block, crawl off my bike open up my front brake (arrgh... bent the shit out of that rim) and ride the rest of the way home...

So I took pics of the road rash on my chin, elbow, and knee... then decided that it would be a bad idea to include them in this little post here, there is food on this blog... no sense being nauseous with out heavy drinking.

The moral of the story... stupidity is like lighting, it will strike randomly and without warning, and that thing about not striking twice, a damn lie, especially if you have a lighting rod up your ass.

Celebration drink and ride

A surprise location to ride bikes and drink beer - 20th century lanes on State Street. More than a few of the DBRB crew came together to celebrate one of our owns day of birth. We managed to have a few beers while bowling! I'm pretty sure this isn't all of the empties!

They have great greasy food, fairly cheap beers and a bar in case you aren't really there to bowl!

The ride - two ways #1 take the greenbelt from downtown to the Willow Lane sports complex (west) get off at the park and take willow lane road to state. Head west on State about a half mile to the alley!

#2 the long road ride - from downtown take Bannock bike lane all the way to 15th(west) then head north to State Street. There you can either take State all the way out (very busy road) or take 15th all the way to Hill (north). Take a right on Hill and follow it all the way to Collister. At Collister take a left (south) and head down the hill to State!

Thanks to all the crew who participated!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bar G

Idaho is actually home to the largest Basque population outside of the Basque country and Bar Gernika pays homage to the battle fought during the Spanish Civil war. Bar Gernika is known as Bar G to local lovers of good beer and basque food.

Drunk or sober an easy ride since it is conveniently located on the corner of Capitol and Grove downtown. Nice patio in the summer time, beer is rotated regularly so visit frequently - oh, and they have super cool staff. What do we like best? Feast your eyes on what we refer to as the basque nachos (aka crouquettas) below.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag

After my favorite Timbuk2 bag lay victim to the cats deciding it was their new litter box I began the hunt for a new bag. Thanks to blackhappy pointing me toward the backdoor . . . errr . . . the Chrome Backdoor Sale - cause Mama's got a brand new bag

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bikers and Brewers

These are two of our bike friends at DOS the alley cache. They also make some of the best local beer in town over at the RAM! Go check them and their beers out this week at the
AMERICAN CRAFT BEER WEEK. May 12th the RAM is having a Mai Block Pint Night & Brewery tours.
Nice Greenbelt ride over to there. From Downtown get on the Northside (or Zoo side) of the Greenbelt and head East. Go under Broadway and you will pop up right behind the RAM's back patio! See you there!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Nova is Born

Les Bois or Bust

Ok... so is the bust thing a play on Cleve-land... humm. Lame pun or nothing at all. You may never know.

Well, I still stuck in Cleveland. Here till Saturday. But to ease my pain i rode to work today... ahh to be back on a bike. Then about 15 min. before i was to head home it started pouring, just my luck.

I can't wait to get back home to my family, bikes, and friends.

Quick ride out of downtown

A nice neighborhood bar that has tons of beers on tap - THE HYDE PARK PUB. Lots of local riders work there, and the company supports the community. ... National Corn Dog Day and Burgers and Books were fundraisers for Longfellow Elementary. In the summer they often have music on the patio - and in the winter they have the best Monday night Football!!
Easy Ride - From Downtown follow the 15th street bike lane to Alturas, take a right over to 13 and lock up! Oh - and they have hella good food - nachos rated in the top 10 of our choices.

Saturday, May 2, 2009