Thursday, December 31, 2009

Interesting journalism

Per the Idaho Statesman this morning:

Three cyclists died on Boise streets this spring, yet the death of Kevin Pavlis may have touched the bicycling community closest to home.

Pavlis was a cycling enthusiast and recreation store manager, well-known long before his June 11 death. Pavlis died after an accident along Hill Road - a popular training route with inclines and hazards that are all too familiar to local cyclists.

Nearly seven months later, we don't know much more about Pavlis' death - because a local judge has sealed a criminal case against a 16-year-old Boise driver.

We do know this: The boy faces a misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charge in connection with Pavlis' death and has appeared in court. We also know, according to Boise police reports, that Pavlis was riding legally along Hill Road when the accident occurred.

But we do not know whether the driver is fighting the charge against him. We also do not know when, or whether, 4th District Juvenile Judge William Harrigfeld will unseal the case.

Harrigfeld is within his rights. Juvenile cases generally become public record after an "admit/deny" hearing, when a defendant either admits guilt or launches a legal defense. However, a judge has the option to keep a case sealed.

Yes, this is a high-profile case. Sealing the file does protect a young defendant from adverse public attention. But this right to privacy has to be weighed against the public's right to know. The legal process should strive for transparency at every step - especially when a case has drawn and will draw close scrutiny.

Pavlis' death has become a focal point in an emotional local debate over cycling safety - an issue complicated by the often testy relationship between drivers and cyclists. In a widely circulated e-mail this fall, cycling enthusiasts went on the offensive before charges were even filed, second-guessing the Ada County prosecutor's office's handling of the case.

Now that charges have been filed, emotions will paint the way the community judges the final verdict. An acquittal or a reduced sentence will draw a chorus of told-you-so's from the cycling community. A maximum sentence could draw its own backlash, with suggestions that prosecutors and the court bowed to public pressure.

All of this may be unavoidable, but much of it can be mitigated through an open process.

A white "ghost bike" still stands near the scene of the June 11 accident - a memorial to Pavlis, and a reminder to cyclists and motorists who share space on Hill Road. And, sadly, the display is also oddly symbolic of the court-imposed silence surrounding this case.

Now we here at DBRB we encourage everyone to ride smart and safely when you are out there. Some of the comments on the website were scary - there are some seriously messed up views out there!

So if you are drinking beer and riding bikes tonight for the New Year celebrations - stay warm and remember it's safer to ride home drunk than it is to drive!!!! Happy New Year!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

I know everyone is starting off a crazy busy week - including myself. So I raise my tall malty beverage and wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance. I hope Santa leaves evereyone a brand new bike under the Christmas Tree .......

And for our Jewish friends I hope Hanukkah celebrations were wonderful!

See you all next week!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

came on

came home and kissed the shit outta my dog - he doesn't know any better :) and he smiles at me all the time!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

come on!

Don't you hate it when you come home and the dog has eaten two pairs of underwear, the trash and Christmas gifts! - then you set your pay check down in the kid's art project and don't realize it until the glue has dried.

And there is no beer in the fridge......... fuck me!

Friday, December 18, 2009

To change or not to change?

I'll admit it. I hate changing my own bike tire. Its not because I don't like to get dirty. Its not becuase I am wearing a dress. Its not becuase I don't know how. I just don't like it. Espeically when I can spend my valuable work hours blogging. Now, Captian Fran, I understand prefers to chainge her own while Velovixen and I both prefer taking it to one of our very-pleased-to-see-us local bike shops (or, in my case, persuade those who change tires to do so on site of my house, offering beer, enchiladas, whatever it will take).

But, a connundrum. I was feeling all tough riding through the last few weeks until the dreaded flat tire. Now, my sweet little Langster has lived in my office for three days while come fact to face with the quesiton: Is the real reason that I don't change my own tire actuall due to not liking to get my dress dirty and a lack of self confidence in my tire changing abilities? I have tubes (at home), but have not managed to bring them to work. Am I really not as (gasp) tough as I thought? Hmmmmm.

Monday, December 14, 2009

warm bodies....

Warmers - not just for the ballet kids or those stuck in the 80's. You can get them for either your arms or your legs - no bunching in the shants - and Real Cyslist has them on sale for Xmas! 15 bucks for the nice thick warm ones! Prices rise with the thread count just like sheets baby!

Good for the 26 degree days!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Donnie Macs

Donnie Mac's is a great stop on the way from Downtown to the West side, or North End to the Bench. With $1 PBR's during Happy hour you can't really go wrong.

They have a great variety of beverages available for all sorts of pallets!

They also have a really good menu - Corn dogs and fries for a few bucks, or Vixen's favorite jalapeno & bacon mac 'n' cheese! The nachos are alright - for 10 bucks you don't feel like you get ten bucks worth of chips and goo. But you can order a side of sweet tater fries.

The great thing is Donnie Macs is located along two major bike routes. Right on the corner of Grove and 15th! You can cruise safely to here from almost any hood!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Boise Happy Hour -

THE LOBBY - Monica and I ventured in a few weeks ago - It is freaking amazing! Monica had a dirty gin martini - I had a glass of wine. I really am not a martini fan - but I could have tossed her drink back in one gulp! YUMMY!

Check out Regotti's write up - a great post about the Lobby - and she did ride her bike there. And definitely check out the Lobby!

Friday, December 4, 2009


At 26 degrees - I puss out and drive. It is so freaking cold in the mornings that I just can't layer enough. I've tried! To those of you who brave the cold and pedal into your jobs, dates, shenanigans - I raise my beer to you! Naughty, Noble, Triton, Cockey, Manbaby, P77, Scuglia, - your balls are tougher than mine!